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Desert Lost

While running surveillance in an industrial section of Scottsdale, P.I. Lena Jones discovers the body of a woman connected to Second Zion, an infamous polygamy cult based in northern Arizona. With the help of a former polygamist "sister wife," Lena soon discovers a shocking secret: if one man can have 10 wives, then 9 men will have none.

Second Zion makes certain these possible rivals don't stick around by turning these young teens into Arizona's "Lost Boys."

DESERT LOST was chosen as "One of the Top Five Mystery Novels in the U.S. in 2009" by LIBRARY JOURNAL

"A complex, exciting entry in a first-class series... excellent for Sue Grafton fans." BOOKLIST STARRED REVIEW

"Readers will be compelled and shocked by the grim depiction of playamous life underpinning the mystery." KIRKUS REVIEWS