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Desert Wives

"Eye-popping!" The New York Times

In Desert Wives, private detective Lena Jones learns that polygamy can be murder when she helps 13-year-old Rebecca escape from Purity, a polygamy compound hidden in a desolate area straddling the Utah/Arizona border. When Rebecca's mother is arrested for the murder of Prophet Solomon Royal, little Rebecca's designated husband, Lena enters Purity masquerading as a polygamist wife to uncover the real murderer. In doing so, Lena finds out more than she bargained for -- the shocking secret the cult's Circle of Elders will kill to keep. Based on a true event, this book offers a look inside one of the Southwest's dirty little secrets. Desert Wives was optioned by Lifetime-TV for a film and TV series. The book is also available in paperback.

ISBN: 1-59058-030-3